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        Slideshow renovations

        Franck furniture, results

        June 19-21: Art Déco and Works on Paper

        19 20 21 May: Bernaerts and Antwerp Art Weekend

        May 5-13: exhibition Bram Kinsbergen in Museumstraat25

        May 2 & 3:Old masters and Antiques

        Nieuws EN

        Invitation Appraisal Days Old Master Paintings + Antiques

        Live Webcast bidding

        20-23 March: Modern at Bernaerts!

        Appraisel days Comics

        Nieuws EN

        Nieuws EN

        Nieuws EN

        till June 20 Silent Sales

        Calendar Spring 2017

        12 & 13 December: Old Master Paintings & Antiques 16th-19th. Century, results

        14 december: Works on Paper with the collection capt. J.-F.Van Puyvelde

        Nieuws EN

        Peter Weidenbaum in Museumstraat 25

        11 December: comics

        24-26 October: Modern Art

        Nieuws EN

        Impressive romantic painting by Siberdt for sale September 12th

        Sale September 12th

        June 13: Art Nouveau glassware, collection Arthur Bax

        June 13-16: Art and Antiques, Art Nouveau, Works on Paper and Design

        June 12: Comics

        Rubens drawing sold in Antwerp

        Rubens drawing and the Flemish government

        May 2-5: Old Master Paintings and Works of Art with a discovery of Rubens

        New: Classical concerts in Platform


        March 14-16: Modern Masters

        February 1: high quality 19th.Century sale

        January 31: comics

        Bidding with android, Iphone & Ipad

        January 8: charity auction

        7&8 December Old Masters

        6 December: 8 drawings by André Franquin on the block!

        October 26-28: 20th century Art_Works on Paper

        Stefanos Rokos ’Revert to Disarray in Antwerp’ solo show 6-17 October

        14 September 2015: high-quality 19th century pieces

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        Nieuws EN

        Nieuws EN

        Nieuws EN

        Nieuws EN

        Nieuws EN

        April 27 & 28: Old Master Paintings, Art+Antiques Sale

        An important 19th. cent. historical painting by Karel Ooms for sale

        March 23 & 24: 19th. and 20th. Century Masters, Antiques sale

        Antwerp ruled in Spring sale

        March 25: Works on Paper, results

        22 March: Comics

        Nieuws EN

        Nieuws EN

        February 16 & 17: art and antiques sale

        Calendar Spring 2015

        4 december: Works on Paper

        1 December Forced Sale

        2 3 4 December: Jubilee Auction Bernaerts 40

        Nieuws EN

        Nieuws EN

        Nieuws EN

        Nieuws EN

        Nieuws EN

        September 20104: results

        June 18: Works on Paper

        under construction

        under construction

        under construction

        under construction

        under construction

        under construction

        Show in Museumstraat25: Koen Broucke (till April 10)

        19 March: Books, Prints & Drawings (Works on Paper)

        March 17 & 18: Art Deco and applied Arts, Modern Art

        March 19 at 2pm: 100 prints by Félicien Rops

        February 10 & 11: 19th. century sale, results

        9 & 10 December: Old Master Paintings / Art & Antiques, results

        11 December 2013: Works on Paper_collection Flor Bex II, results

        8 December: comics

        Nieuws EN

        Design.08: results

        21 & 22 October: 19th. & 20th. Century Masters

        24 October 2013 at 7pm: Photography

        24 October: Works on paper, incl. collection Flor Bex I

        October 3-27: Johan Baudart, sculptures & paintings

        September 2013: vente bourgeoise

        Calendar Sales Autumn 2013

        Summer at Bernaerts

        Design.07: results

        June 2013: a classic vente bourgeoise, results

        June 13: a charity auction

        June 9: Comics

        June 13: books, prints and drawings

        Nieuws EN

        May 6 & 7: Old Master Paintings and works of art

        Special exhibition Dutch watches 1650-1750

        Calendar Autumn 2012

        8 - 18 April: Old Master Paintings in Museum

        June: works on paper, ephemera, conceptual art

        June: Design

        March 25 & 26: Modern and 19th. century Masters

        March 27: works on paper

        February 4 & 5: a ’vente bourgeoise’

        Nieuws EN

        December 3 4: Old Master Paintings/ Antiques sale, results

        December 5: works on paper 20th. century

        1 & 2 December: comics

        On view in the new venue till December 7

        October 24: Design 06

        October 22 23: Romantic & Modern Masters, Antiques

        October 25: photobooks Contemporary-exposure

        October 25: Books, Prints & Drawings

        September 10 & 11: 19th. cent. antiques

        June: end of a beautiful season

        Bernaerts Boutique Bar

        June 7: Comics

        May 10: Books, prints & drawings + photobooks

        May 7 8: results Old Master Paintings, 19th. century and Marines

        Bernaerts expands, a new venue called ’Museum’

        26 27 March: 19th & 20th century Art and Antiques

        Books, Drawings, Prints

        February 11: comics

        13-14 February 2012: a so-called vente bourgeoise, results

        Charity sale in MAS

        December 4-5: winter auction with Old Master paintings and antiques

        December 3: musical instruments for Music Fund

        December 4: comics

        December 8: books, prints and drawings, results

        November 19: charity auction for the new Belgica

        October sale: results

        October 20: Tribal Art

        October 20 : Design 04

        September 2011: a succesful start of the fall season

        Nieuws EN

        Nieuws EN

        Nieuws EN

        May 16 & 17: Old Master Paintings & Antiques

        Nieuws EN

        April 7: books, prints and drawings

        April 7: Radical. A collection of minimal and conceptual art / works on paper

        4 & 5 April: XIX and XXth cent. Art and Antiques

        February 21 22: a vente bourgeoise to start the season

        Calendar Spring 2011

        Results December 2010: 3th best sale since 2006

        December 16: Design O2

        December 13 2010: Asian Art

        October: results

        Nieuws EN

        Nieuws EN

        October 28: a tribute to the mercantile spirit of the famous Antwerp writer Willem Elsschot

        September: results

        September 19: ZuiderZinnen

        June Art & Antiques / Design 01: results

        Nieuws EN

        The Blob for sale on June 23

        May: Old Master paintings and XIXth century art

        Nieuws EN

        May 7: charity auction, results

        March: results

        Results February 2010: nice start of the season

        New: Design in June

        December, results

        November 2009 : Old Master claim the spotlights

        October : best sale since 5 years

        Autumn 2009

        Results June 2009

        New website : Welcome !

        Results May 2009: Georges Mathieu, a large bowl and Sam Dillemans

        Sunday March 2009, 15th: Comics and original drawings - March 16 - 18th : Art and Antiques - Old Masters (Results)

        Febuary 2009 (Results)

        Décembre 2008 : lart qui peut sauver le monde et deux anges en ivoire (EN)

        Novembre 2008 : Les tableaux de Matres anciens ont le vent en poupe (EN)

        Octobre 2008 : Belle vente dautomne (EN)

        Septembre 2008 : Vente Bourgeoise Russie (EN)

        Juin 2008 : vente archives P.G.Van Hecke/ E.Langui (EN)

        Mai 2008 : Matres Anciens (EN)

        Avril 2008 : En avant les modernes ! (EN)
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